KA3010 Avionic standard tool case

KA3010 – Avionic standard tool case

Ref : KA3010

Applicability :
All aircrafts


This complete case offers a comprehensive set of 179 tools including wrenches andstandard tooling for an electrician.

The case KA3010 is an equivalent of the case 703A95003010 which is procurable only at Airbus Helicopters. Kit-Aero ensures the composition on behalf of Airbus Helicopters & has a supplier agreement under its own commercial reference P/N KA3010.

Key features :

• Set of insulated screwdrivers
• Set of electronic screwdrivers
• Set of electronic pliers
• Set of cutting pliers
• Set of wrenches
• Multimeter
• Electronical accessories for multimeter
• Set of imperial/metric long ball end hex L-key
• Set of tools for removal installation
• Set of crimping tools

Additional information



68 x 50 x 77 (cm)
2.23 x 1.64 x 2.52 (ft)


71 (kg)
156.5 (lbs)


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