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Strong of its experience in custom solutions and tools to the aerospace, our team had been able to deploy an excellent flexibility to bring you the best technology. Our premises are dedicated to the storage and packaging of tools and equipment, and to the production of made-to-measure kits. Our aim is to provide you with the best quality and shortest lead times.

“best quality and best market production delays”

Our premises are exclusively dedicated to the storage, packaging of tools and equipment, and development of custom kits. This in order to bring you the best quality and best market production delays.

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Our expertise

We’ll put our expertise at your disposal and provide you with
tailor-made solutions in all areas of the means of
aircraft maintenance and operations.


Customer service

A dedicated service specialising in the world of aeronautics to meet specific requirements and offer services tailored to the particularities of this sector.


Aeronautical expertise

With a team of technicians qualified on several aircraft, our team can offer you advice and a wide range of products that can be customised to suit your needs.



Thanks to our network of experts specialised in aeronautics, we select qualified partners and sources of supply. We can advise you on the latest tooling technologies for the aerospace industry.

Supply chain

Controlling the supply chain, from procurement to assembly, in the aerospace sector is essential to guarantee the efficiency, quality and reliability of operations.

International logistics

An OTD (On Time Delivery) reflecting our ability and efficiency to dispatch and deliver equipment in accordance with the commitments made to our customers (quality control & compliance, import/export document control, Incoterms) to more than 120 destinations worldwide.

Our markets

Since 2011, we collaborate with leader companies of international aeronautics :

quality assurance

Certified ISO 9001

Our operations are certified ISO 9001.

Purchasing, packaging and sales of equipment and tooling for aeronautics represents our core business.

The quality management system implemented covers our :

Qualification, expertise and multi-channel sales of tooling and industrial resources for the aerospace industry.