Hydraulic crimping tool

Tools fittings are radial compressed (mechanically) onto compatible tubing to provide a permanent joint with metal to metal sealing. The joint is effected by differential springback between the tube and fitting.

Swaging is the controlled uniform reduction of the fitting end over the tube whereby forces are applied equally; 360 degrees around the fitting. The result of swaging creates a permanent connection between the fitting and tubing by plastically deforming them together as an assembly. The swaging process also controls the elastic rebound of the tube within the fitting bore to create a sound mechanical connection and permanent fluid containment seal.

Applicability : H160
Technical Information

Additional information


Caractéristiques principales

– Metal to metal contact -Silicone back up seals
– 360 Deg. Swage –Min. Ovaltity to Max Extent Possible
– Float tolerance




12 kg


50 x 30 x 25 cm

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