Super master charger

The intelligent Super Master Charger is a precision instrument designed to charge and analyze (discharge) Nickel Cadmium, Sealed Lead-Acid and many other types of rechargeable batteries (10A-Hr to 100A-Hr). With its multiple modes of operation (Constant Current, Constant Voltage, Peak Charge Modes, Analysis and Deep Cycle Discharge Modes), the Super Master Charger can satisfy the requirements of most rechargeable battery systems. This device is the most powerful aviation battery charger/analyzer available on the market today.

Applicability : H160 H175 H225
Technical Information

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Caractéristiques principales

– 2 Battery testing
– 3 Charge modes (0 to 50A)
– 3 Discharge modes (0 to 60A)
– Battery temperature monitoring
– Fully protected: overcurrent, short circuit, reverse polarity, overheat, open circuit
– Safety interlocks
– 2 large LED digital meters


70 (kg) 154.3 (lbs)


0.7 x 0.6 x 0.4 (m) 2.29 x 1.96 x 1.31 (ft)

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