Pitot Static Air Test Set

The MPS43 is a unique instrument in that the first class capabilities in terms of precision and performance are all integrated into a remarkably small enclosure. It enables users to both utilize the air data testing characteristics and transport the instrument in ways not possible by more conventionally designed products. The rugged lightweight enclosure meets the demanding requirements of the aerospace industry.

The MPS43 is equipped with an internal rechargeable battery that provides emergency backup power and gives up to 30 minutes of operation.

Technical Information

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Caractéristiques principales

– Automatic Ps and Pt control
– RVSM compliant
– Integral 1000 hour pumps
– Ultra compact
– Built-in safety features
– Included accessories: ADWIN PC Control software (MPS43/43H only), USB cable, power cable, hoses and fittings


4 (kg)


30 x 25 x 12 (cm)



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