7 December 2015 | Products

New Industrial Skills in Kit-Aero

7 December 2015 | Products

Since August 31st, Philippe TOURNEUX is the new VP Operations in Kit-Aero. He shares his experience with us.

“I joined the French Navy in 1977 to be trained in the school of apprentices mechanics.

After obtaining the Elementary Diploma I was transferred to Lanvéoc Base, to the Flotilla 34F (Alouette III / Lynx). Flotilla of helicopters which are on board with a mission of Rescue and anti-submarine combat.

Then I spent my Technical Knowledge Diploma. Transferred to the base of Nimes to the 56S squadron, I worked for 4 years on the DC3-C47. It was a really great period! The DC3-C47 is really a plane dedicated for the pleasure of mechanics ! Several times I had the opportunity to go elsewhere to perform various missions : like in Dakar , Chad , Azores , Scotland, Guyana, Martinique , Madeira ..

In 1993 I joined AOM, an airline whose the maintenance center was located in Nimes. I became responsible of 7 mechanics. I learned to manage, to give my skills to deal with different persnnalities and to maintain team cohesion.

After this experience, I worked as technical manager of worksite (RTC ) which consists to manage the entire check of the aircraft before flight. In the end, I was responsible for signing off the aircraft’s return to flight (APRS). It was a lot of pressure !

In 2007, I became manager of tooling and Ground Support Euquipment store at Sabena Technics Nîmes. (Sabena Technics Website) I managed inventory, maintenance and supply for Sabena Technics Store and some partners. My work was really nice, every day brought new challenges. I liked to improve working conditions for mechanics with new state of the art equipment and provide solutions adapted to their needs.

Over time, I was looking for new challenges. So I decided to join Kit-Aero.I am working in Kit-Aero since the 31st of August. I think this young company had a promising future. Now I have ten years to make it growing and gain make it famous in the world! I also appreciate relationship offered in this company : mutual respect for each other. A great career pursuing into perspective !”

Thank you M.TOURNEUX !

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