Kit-Aero to supply commercial off-the-shelf tools and ground support equipment to Airbus helicopter customers

Kit-Aero is proud to announce the recent signature of a non-exclusive agreement with Airbus for the supply of COTS to Airbus helicopter customers. Since its inception, Kit-Aero has devoted all its efforts in providing its customers the right solutions adapted to their operational issues. Our technical expertise, close customer relationship and support, along with our never-ending…


Certified EN 9001 and EN 9120, Kit-Aero demonstrates its excellence

Since october 2015 and after several days of audit by AFNOR, Kit-Aero has been certified compatible with requirements of ISO 9001 and EN 9120.  Recognized and acclaimed as the international reference for all aeronautics supply chains, EN 9120 comes certify the safety and reliability of products distributed by Kit- Aero. Traceability and secured process, the whole quality management system is guaranteed in compliance…


Kit-Aero widens

Thanks to its success, Kit-Aero develops and invests in new premises combining modernism and industry. After four years marked by progress, the company has doubled its activity surface. The open-space can now welcome more people. The activity of storage and conditioning is more facilitated. “The new situation of the company really optimizes our logistics.” Affirms Julien Thellier, Logistics Manager. The…


NATO selects Kit-Aero

Last July, Kit-Aero became one of the providers coming in support to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) activities.
Kit-Aero now contributes to maximize the aptitude and the adaptability of the military forces, contingents and other organizations of NATO by providing qualitative aircraft maintenance material with a cost/efficiency advantage.
More information about NATO : NATO WEBSITE

Kit Aero is soon ISO 9001 and EN 9120

Since its creation Kit Aero implements its activities (supply distribution, integration, packaging, labeling, supplying standard documents) in compliance with legal and customers requirements. The year 2015 will mark the concretization of our desire to satisfy each of our clients. Our initial certification audit is scheduled on 16 and 27 July by AFNOR certification. Our certification will…